Do we have back issues available?

Yes, but we have sold out of some issues.

How much do back issues cost?

The cost of back issues depends on how many you buy. 1-6 issues is $6 an issue, 7-12 issues is $5 an issue, 13+ is $4 an issue. You do not pay tax on back issues, and shipping costs are on us.

Do you print more issues when you run out?

No, once we sell out of a certain issue, we will never order more.

They are in limited supply. I really want to read some articles in some of your older issues, but you are all sold out of the back issues I am looking for. What can I do? 

We do sell copies of our back issues on CDs. They are available two volumes at a time, or 12 issues per CD. We will never run out of these. They are available on our store website or by giving us a call here at the office.

Are there other places I can buy a back issue that you do not have?

We are the sole producer of Oliver Heritage Magazine. Occasionally, people will sell some of their older issues on EBAY or at auctions. Keep your eyes peeled... you never know when the one you need is going to pop up!

I still have some questions about back issues, who can I contact?

Ashley is the back issue girl. Give her a call at 618-664-1550, and she will be able to give you further information.

I have a charge on my credit card from "3-Point Ink." Why?

3-Point Ink, LLC is the name of our publishing company. We also publish Heritage Iron Magazine. The way our credit card processor is set up requires charges to be under our business name; therefore, it has to say 3-Point Ink on your statement.

Where is my magazine?

  1. Has the magazine had enough time to ship? Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.
  2. Is your subscription current? Please look at the mailing label on your last magazine. It should say EXP and then have an issue number following it. This is the issue your subscription will expire with. 
  3. Have you moved and neglected to contact the office of Oliver Heritage? It is highly unlikely that the post office will forward the magazine to your new address. Instead, they tear the cover off of the magazine, mail it back to us, charge us 75 cents, and then tell us the magazine is undeliverable. If you have moved and not contacted our office prior to a mailing, you will have to purchase a replacement issue.
  4. If you are current, have not moved, and have not yet received an issue 4 weeks after a mailing, then we will consider your magazine missing in action. It was lost by the USPS or your mail carrier is an undercover Oliver collector. Please contact the office at 855-OLD-IRON and we will gladly send you a replacement.

I need to change my address, what do I do?

Please call our subscriber service at 1-855-OLD-IRON (8:30-4:30 CST) or e-mail your address change to info@oliverheritage.com.

How do I subscribe?

If you would like to subscribe you may do so by going to our webstore and purchasing a subscription online. You can mail in a subscription form, available here.