These are merely suggested colors for restoration purposes, not necessarily the EXACT color used at the time of production.

Hart-Parr 1918-1919 99L-8753 Green
Hart-Parr 1920-28 99L-8747 Green
Hart-Parr 1929-37 99L-11513 Green
Oliver 1938-44 99L-11511 Green
Hart-Parr 70 frame stripe 82-100 Ditzler PPG #DAR 60080 (Persian orange)
Fleetline Series 66,77,88, 99 1947-1951 99L-8746 Green 1317
Fleetlines & Super Series 1952 and up 99L-3751 Green 5316
Fleetlines yellow for grills 90T-3753
440, 550, 660, 770, 880, 950, 990, 995 99L-3751 Green 5316
Oliver Meadow Green 99L-3751 5316
Clover White GS001 +6 grams of 807l (black), +7 grams of 841 (yellow) per pint PPG -DAR 46536
Red Paint for all Oliver Wheels 99L-3752 B8590
Oliver Industrial Yellow 90T-8828
Yellow for Grills on 60s & 70s Dulux 029
Oliver Airport 25 Dupont Dulux 93-55141-H Vermillion Red
Oliver Airport 25 Dupont Dulux 93-558741 Crème
Cockshutt Red 99-23797-0
(Four digit models)
Sherwin Williams JK8522 or Acme 3-C181684
Cockshutt Yellow a mixture made up of 4 parts of 99L-8645 & 1 part of 99L-9800 Sherwin Williams JK6475
Cletrac prior to 1930 Battleship gray Acme 3-17901
Cletrac 1930-1935 Chesnut brown PPG Ditzler DAR20134 and Buckskin brown (no numbers, contact Landis Zimmerman)
Cletrac orange starting 1936 99L-1952 Dupont Dulux 017H
HG after 1945 and early OC-3s 99L-8746 (green)
99L-3752 (red)
Yellow hood ridges 90T-3753
1951 and later crawlers Highway yellow PPG Ditzler 81985 (Can also use old Caterpillar highway yellow)
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